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GovPermit is an online permit and license wizard that helps local businesses fill out applications quickly and get to work faster in your community. GovPermit gives your local government the power to grow businesses in your area and cut the red tape out of applying for business permits.


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Supports Multiple Municipalities

You can invite users from other government agencies to use the system to add their own permits into the system and provide visibility into the data collected.

Unlimited Permit and License Types

Allows your municipality to manage your permit documents from the administration portal. GovPermit doesn’t place any limit on the number of permit types you upload.

Full-Featured Administration region

Use the administration region to manage permits, view applications, invite users and other government entities, and manage your complete permitting system in one user interface.

User Account Management

Easily invite government employees from other municipalities to the system so they can add their own permits and gain visibility into the system.

Instant notification of new applications

The system can notify you when a new application is submitted, increasing your municipalities’ responsiveness and easing the application process.


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Online Permit Management

With GovPermit, you can manage your permit and license types, view submitted applications, and manage the online permit experience all from one application.

Electronic Signatures

The system also supports electronic signatures to allow businesses to fill out an application, sign it, and submit it easily all in the same day.

Optional Customizable Homepage

Your logo, your content, and your message can be delivered to your community with the customizable homepage. You can easily set up GovPermit as a standalone application with its own homepage, or turn this feature off to use the application form embedded in your current website.

Easy Integrations

GovPermit is built to utilize your current permit documents, which makes it easy to integrate with your current systems. Our system is designed to fill out your permit documents automatically as the user fills out an application, making it easy to integrate with your current workflow.

Optional Payment Processing

The system supports integrations with well-trusted payment providers like Paypal and Stripe, but these aren’t required. You can easily handle the payment collection yourself. You have control to configure payment collection.


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Social Media Login

Users can create accounts in the system using any of their favorite social media profiles. The system supports user logins from Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, and other systems to make the signup process easier for your users.

Optional Resource Center

GovPermit also provides a resource center to help businesses in your area connect with each other and help grow your business community.

No Permit or License Type Searching

The system helps the user automatically fill out the applicable permits for their business type, eliminating the user’s need to research the permits they need. GovPermit’s Question-Based System makes it easy to apply for permits and reduces errors in your permit process.

Real-Time Updates

Instant updates for new application submissions and many other events in the system will help your municipality service local businesses quicker and reduce wait times.

100% Online Applications

GovPermit manages the whole application process online allowing businesses to get the permits they need quickly and easily without killing any trees, or your productivity.

Our Services

We are here for you. The GovPermit team is available to help you customize or integrate the software with your current government systems to provide you the best system for your permit application needs. Our team of software developers are ready to help you with hosting the system, installing GovPermit in your existing environment, and any other needs your municipality might require.










GovPermit can provide secure and reliable hosting of the application using the Microsoft Azure Government Platform. The GovPermit team is ready to help you setup the application with a hosting service of your choice.
GovPermit can easily be hosted internally in your municipality’s current IT infrastructure. The GovPermit application is built using the Microsoft-supported .Net framework, which makes it easy to install in many different environments.
Our team of developers is ready to help you integrate GovPermit with your existing systems to help you deliver your permitting solutions quicker and easier for your community. The system was built with extensibility in mind, so you can deliver the data to your other systems easily.
GovPermit can function as a standalone application easily, but it can also be customized to integrate easily with your existing systems. Our team of developers is available to provide any customizations you require. If this interests you, contact us today to discuss your particular needs.
Our team can provide ongoing support for your municipality to make sure your permitting process is always streamlined.

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